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Al Pittman

Collected Poems

The definitive Pittman collection. From the publication of his first collection, The Elusive Resurrection, in 1966, to his death in 2001 at the age of sixty-one, Al Pittman stood as one of the … 376 View

Autobiographical Fictions

As much poet as paparazzo, Maurice Mierau fixes his sights on the complexities of popular culture. Autobiographical Fictions is both questioning and confident, a book that explores delusion as a … 72 View


Stephen Rowe’s geo•logics—his highly anticipated follow-up to Never More There—binds the impermanent to the permanent. With both an inquiry into loss and an inquiry into … 72 View

Hear and Foretell

Hear and Foretell is a compelling poetry collection with a spotlight on urban Aboriginal life in Canada. The poems illustrate deep spiritual transformations and understandings of the ever-present … 96 View


Kingdom is a collection of poems that asks questions and argues with the answers. Although confessional, they do not repent. Both comedic or sombre, these poems search for the meaning found in … 80 View


New Writing Made in Newfoundland

In Racket, editor and acclaimed fiction writer Lisa Moore introduces us to ten of the most exciting new writers currently at work in Newfoundland. Featuring a diverse range of previously … 184 View


“For the fortunate reader of Ruth Roach Pierson’s book, her “realignments” are all enlargements – of working vocabulary, as words such as “brindled,” … 88 View

The Book of Festus

Festus wakes inside a myth—on a wharf in Halifax, Nova Scotia— and recalls nothing but a bicycle. As he looks for it, he thinks the city’s thoughts. Upon a sidewalk over a … 112 View

The Cuffer Anthology, Volume VII

A Collection of Short Stories from Newfoundland and Labrador

Now in its eighth year, the Cuffer Prize is sponsored by The Telegram and Creative Book Publishing in St. John’s. It showcases some of the best short fiction from Newfoundland and Labrador … 152 View


From: Hear and Foretell


I Belong – The Kwantlens – A Place Called Kwantlen – Simple Words – Friends Last Never – Murderous Fear – Afterthought Memories – Spring Laughing – … 19 $1.90 Add


From: Autobiographical Fictions

The Impassioned Ex-Formalist Pulitzer Prize-Winning Womanizing Alcoholic Jumps Off a Bridge – Autobiographical Fictions – Six Kilometres – The King of Pop – Her Name … 38 $3.80 Add

A Geographic Inquiry Into Loss

From: geo•logics


Once You Leave – A Matter of Dimension – The Cult of Aeolus – Martyr – Habituation – They Will Take My Island – What’s Left Behind – My … 29 $2.90 Add


From: Realignment

Realignment – Not Fog or Wasteland – Yakima Apples – So – Heads – Overheard in All That Jazz Café – Reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles – On … 23 $2.30 Add


From: Racket


Introduction 11 $1.10 Add


From: The Cuffer Anthology, Volume VII

Introduction 3 $0.30 Add


From: The Book of Festus

Invocation 4 $0.40 Add