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Control Suppress Delete

Control Suppress Delete troubles received ideas. Interested in rules and randomness and in finding the randomness in rules, Angela Hibbs writes poetry that questions the human condition and finds … 80 View


An on-the-scene report of a childhood abroad. A child’s vision of real-world events made real (and unreal) by the presence of his father. Memories of snow falling on Quebec City’s … 96 View

Dust or Fire

Is this life a route or a destination? Alyda Faber’s assured début examines the ties that bind us to one another and to the Earth we inhabit, and asks the question, What is left of us … 112 View

Fauxccasional Poems

In Fauxccasional Poems, Daniel Scott Tysdal imagines himself into poetic voices not his own, writing to commemorate events that never occurred, for the posterity of alternative universes — … 98 View

In This House Are Many Women and Other Poems

Sheree Fitch’s best-selling adult poetry collection explores the shadows that never penetrate the sunlit world of her children’s books. With over 5,000 copies sold of the first … 138 View



From award-winning author John Elizabeth Stintzi, Junebat is a form- and gender-disrupting debut collection that grapples with the pain of uncertainty on the path towards becoming. John Elizabeth … 96 View


Drawing on the patterns of words, speech, and identity we encounter in the wider world—subway ads in Mexico City, a Dutch-Japanese phrase book, multilingual airplane safety instructions, … 98 View


“For the fortunate reader of Ruth Roach Pierson’s book, her “realignments” are all enlargements – of working vocabulary, as words such as “brindled,” … 88 View

The Book of Festus

Festus wakes inside a myth—on a wharf in Halifax, Nova Scotia— and recalls nothing but a bicycle. As he looks for it, he thinks the city’s thoughts. Upon a sidewalk over a … 112 View

The Invisible World Is in Decline

Book IX

The stunning conclusion to a 40-year poetic project In the tradition of earlier modernist long poems like Ezra Pound’s Cantos and bp Nichol’s The Martyrology, The Invisible World Is … 98 View


A treaty is a contract. A treaty is enduring. A treaty is an act of faith. A treaty at its best is justice. It is a document and an undertaking. It is connected to place, people and self. It is … 112 View


From: Control Suppress Delete


Waterbearer – Ashes, Downtown Vancouver – Location Location Location – Give me – Bandages – Mark Zuckerberg – “I don’t dream NY or Central park … 20 $2.00 Add


From: Realignment


Realignment – Not Fog or Wasteland – Yakima Apples – So – Heads – Overheard in All That Jazz Café – Reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles – On … 23 $2.30 Add

Impetus Ungainly

From: Treaty#


Impetus Ungainly – Doctrine of Discovery – The Tap – Pink Mints – The Shop – The Claim – Reckoning – On the Day the World Begins Again – A Love … 31 $3.10 Add

In Disgrace with God

From: The Invisible World Is in Decline


- 18 $1.80 Add

In This House Are Many Women

From: In This House Are Many Women and Other Poems


The Runner – Exit – Marie Leads the Way – What Rhoda Remembers About the First Five Minutes – Filling Out the Form – Edna – Jane’s Observation Notes … 25 $2.50 Add