A Devil Every Day


Through a kaleidoscope of philosophy, critical theory, and folk theology, A Devil Every Day surveys the terrain where white Western culture blends into pure evil. Twisting into aphorisms, inner dialogues, and incantations, John Nyman’s poems are caught between complacency and a disquieting agnosticism, contemplating the problematic pleasures and unremarkable monstrosities of the contemporary West. Ultimately, A Devil Every Day asks: what hope is there for personal integrity in a radically moralizing future?


John Nyman

John Nyman is a poet, critic, and book artist of mixed European and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. His previous works include a Gerald Lampert Award-shortlisted poetry collection (Players), an erasure of words and images from the Choose Your Own Adventure series of children’s books (Your Very Own), and a classic text of Lacanian psycho-analysis reprinted in a nearly illegible typeface (The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-analysis: A Selection). John hails from Tkaronto / Toronto, where he currently works as a postsecondary communication instructor and helps administer the plumb art gallery and project space on St. Clair West. Find him online at johnnyman.ca.

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This sec tion contains the poems: The Devil Writing I When I Roll Downhill Backwards Aphorisms Collaboration Life-Death White Mood The Devil’s Mind Seed Ball Sunlight Celebrate I ID: … 18 $1.80


This section contains the poems: New Binaries The Devil’s People Laughable Aphorisms The Devil The Devil’s Song The Devil’s Fire New Normal I Am I Am The Likeable Devil The … 18 $1.80


This section contains the poems: Trinities Sad Aphorisms The Devil’s Soul Wikihole Reality A Plant is Not a Nation My Houseplants’ Reality Wikiholing The Genuine Devil Baffling … 23 $2.30