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At Bay Press Fiction Annual

Dreams and Nightmares

Anthology of fiction stories, short graphic novels, art, and photography with a theme of "Dreams and Nightmares." 58 View

Description of the World

A new poetry collection from the Giller Prize–winning author of The Sentimentalists and Quartet for the End of Time. In The Description of the World Johanna Skibsrud brings us to the edges … 96 View

even this page is white

As a writer, musician, performance artist, and filmmaker, Vivek Shraya has, over the course of the last few years, established herself as a tour de force artist of the highest order. … 117 View

Four-Letter Words

Chad Pelley’s Four-Letter Words, his collection of award-winning short stories, presents us with characters haunted by one four-letter word or another: love, hate, lust, or loss. A father … 168 View

In Our Own Aboriginal Voice

A Collection of Aboriginal Writers and Artists in BC

In Our Own Aboriginal Voice is a collection of 24 short stories, poems, memoirs, non-fiction, and even a few scripts, written by 13 Aboriginal authors of all ages. Of the many themes reflected, … 108 View

Lady Crawford

Between imperial dinners and managing investments, Lady Crawford offers a rare glimpse of the inner-life of a woman who has married into a royal lineage. Chronicled in a series of metamorphic … 72 View


Everyone has a dog story, from the salesman at Home Depot to the passenger on a plane who confesses about the scar on his face. The poems in Mahoney’s third collection explore the concepts … 80 View

On Not Losing My Father’s Ashes in the Flood

The great Alberta flood of 2013 slides through Richard Harrison’s latest collection, its rising waters pulling his books of poetry off their shelves, washing the ink from letters kept in … 96 View


Staged in an urban dreamscape, Players fuses popular culture with narratives about hand-to-hand combat, how to hustle, and high art. Taking lyrical cues from hip-hop, Nyman’s poetry bends … 96 View

Portraits of Canadian Writers

Bruce Meyer shares brief portraits of Canada’s most beloved writers of the 20th century alongside anecdotes that reveal their personalities. 212 View


In Stranger, Nyla Matuk’s provocative, unabashedly sensual voice leads us to revelations about how our lives are increasingly disembodied by social media’s flattened, outward identity … 90 View


In Two-Man Tent, one of Canada’s most celebrated writers, Robert Chafe, offers his long-awaited collection of short fiction. The individual stories are thematically linked by an interwoven, … 216 View


As unpredictable as the seasons that guide it, Weathervane is part eco-tourism, part domestic nocturne, and part tempest. In a shifting world, Mark Sampson resounds like a modern Zeus, advising … 80 View


From: On Not Losing My Father’s Ashes in the Flood


On Not Losing My Father’s Ashes in the Flood – A Poem in the Arms of Tyrannosaurus Rex – Gone – This Son of York – The World Made New – Slinky – Now is … 19 $1.90 Add


From: Stranger


Appentites – Modernity – Then and Now – I Declared my Ethnicity – Mimes – Beach Spleen – Notes on a Middle Aged Poet – Resolve – The Vireo – … 13 $1.30 Add


From: Off-Leash

Dog of Eden – Toto – Dog of Arnolfini’s – Hound in Field – Argos, lament – Dog of Noah – Dog of Lot – Praise – Dog of the prodigal’s … 19 $1.90 Add