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Everyone has a dog story, from the salesman at Home Depot to the passenger on a plane who confesses about the scar on his face. The poems in Mahoney’s third collection explore the concepts of identity and ownership through rich linguistic textures and voices. From a boy’s fascination with Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred to uniquely imagined Biblical dogs, Off Leash delves into the anguish of dogs loved and lost, and the joy of homecoming.


Dorothy Mahoney

Dorothy Mahoney is the author of two poetry collections, Through Painted Skies and Returning to the Point. Her poetry has been included in numerous anthologies, most recently appearing in Detours: An Anthology of Poets from Windsor and Essex County. A retired teacher, she resides in Windsor, Ontario.

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Dog of Eden – Toto – Dog of Arnolfini’s – Hound in Field – Argos, lament – Dog of Noah – Dog of Lot – Praise – Dog of the prodigal’s … 19 $1.90


Farm dog – Charity – Stray – Pitch – Locked out – Permission – Dog deceived – Bucky – Trespass – Directions: a poem of two voices – Rat … 24 $2.40


The dog you’ve always wanted – Pick of the litter – Obedience class – On the trail – Sirens – Jiggs – When my friend’s dog plays piano – When … 25 $2.50