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Staged in an urban dreamscape, Players fuses popular culture with narratives about hand-to-hand combat, how to hustle, and high art. Taking lyrical cues from hip-hop, Nyman’s poetry bends genre expectations, unravelling with a flow that’s both unique and engaging.


John Nyman

John Nyman’s verse, visual, and conceptual poems and poetics have appeared in a variety of print and online publications including Rampike, (parenthetical), Cordite Poetry Review, and Hamilton Arts and Letters. Palimpsest Press released Nyman’s debut collection Players in 2016. Originally from Toronto, he is currently completing a PhD in Theory and Criticism at Western University in London, Ontario.

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The Mole Rat – Understandable 4 $0.40


To KiD CuDi – Edward Hopper, Nighthawks – How to Hustle – Bouquet – Drunken Master – Nosferatu – Myself as a Dictator – Exit, – Drunken … 14 $1.40


Future Statement – Naked Baby – TV’s Jon Dore on Jon Dore and The Jon Dore Television Show – Bibliophile – When You Need Water – Runtime – Recorded … 16 $1.60


Not One – Words for Rain 4 $0.40


I’ve Started Waking Up Earlier – Picasso’s Drawing of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza – After Chance – Distracted – Studies in Environmentality – Advice … 29 $2.90


On a Broken Gif – On the Ground – Notes – Acknowledgements – Desk Index 9 $0.90