Control Suppress Delete

Control Suppress Delete troubles received ideas. Interested in rules and randomness and in finding the randomness in rules, Angela Hibbs writes poetry that questions the human condition and finds social structures provide little support. Swarming with bees and lizards, and inspired by the artwork of Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois, Control Suppress Delete is at once both foreign and familiar. This is a must-read collection from one of Canada’s most inventive poets.


Angela Hibbs

Angela Hibbs’ previous books are Sin Eater (Arbeiter Ring 2015), Wanton (Insomniac Press, 2009) and Passport (DC Books, 2006).

Chapter Title Contents Contributors Pages Year Price


Waterbearer – Ashes, Downtown Vancouver – Location Location Location – Give me – Bandages – Mark Zuckerberg – “I don’t dream NY or Central park … 20 $2.00


At The Library – Blue – Francis Bacon’s Studio – Theory of Typical Beauty – Spied – Terror Management Theory – Spice – Democracy – A Hole … 21 $2.10


Everyone’s Excited for the Prelude to Be Over – Haiku for the Appropriation of Culture – Make a Necklace – A tree casts its shadow on his face – There Are a Thousand … 23 $2.30