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Ezra’s Ghosts


CBC Books Best Canadian Fiction of 2022! Award-winning author Darcy Tamayose returns with Ezra’s Ghosts, a collection of fantastical stories linked by a complex mingling of language and culture, … 288 View

How to Hold a Pebble


How do we scale up our imagination of the human? How does one live one’s life in the Anthropocene? How to Hold a Pebble—Jaspreet Singh’s second collection of poems—locates humans in the … 104 View

Sun Compass

In this debut collection of poetry, sparse text resonates and creates an impactful presence as the poet unpacks past trauma. Divided into four parts, this essential collection delves into the … 104 View

Through Disassembled Houses of Perfect Stones

The weight of history lies on the spine of memory. That heft and delicate balance are palpable in these rich poems that echo with grief, longing, and observed beauty. From the silence and … 128 View