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Poems of Metaphor

In Granted, Jeffery Donaldson explores ‘a universe of potential relation’, providing a master class in the art of metaphor by exploring in verse the complexities of identity, … 116 View

High Water Mark

High-Water Mark is Bronwen Wallace Award–winner Nicole Dixon’s smart and sexy debut. These ten tightly written stories focus on contemporary women learning what they want from sex, … 156 View

Ordinary Paradise

Essays on Art and Culture

The essays in Ordinary Paradise challenge conventional wisdom and exemplify a dynamic and lively critical approach, pointing out troubling trends in contemporary appreciation of art and culture. … 252 View

Portraits of Canadian Writers

Bruce Meyer shares brief portraits of Canada’s most beloved writers of the 20th century alongside anecdotes that reveal their personalities. 212 View

Rank Songbirds

Leon Rooke’s Rank Songbirds delves into the drama and humour of love and desire, politics and the passing of time, celebrating humanity’s resilience and its inherent frailty. In Rank … 84 View

The Dodecahedron, or a Frame for Frames

Twelve narratives, twelve narrators, twelve genres and twelve fictional worlds collide to spectacular effect in Paul Glennon’s The Dodecahedron, or a Frame for Frames. The second book from … 228 View

The Essential Charles Bruce

Selected by Carmine Starnino

The Essential Charles Bruce introduces the poet’s work, long out of print, to modern audiences with a selection of his straightforward yet stirring verses that take as their subject the … 68 View

The Essential Douglas LePan


The Essential Douglas LePan presents a wide-ranging collection of poetry—from tense verses on the fog of war to homoerotic love poems to lyrics in praise of the natural world, all in … ; 64 View

The Essential Margaret Avison

selected by Robyn Sarah

The Essential Margaret Avison showcases the development of one of Canada’s most brilliant and original poets, twice winner of the Governor-General’s Award for Poetry. Margaret … 68 View

The Essential P.K. Page

selected by Arlene Lampert and Théa Gray

P. K. Page needs no introduction. This is a poet who writes in many genres and on an infinite number of subjects. The source of her poetry is always love – whether in vivid portraits of her … 68 View

The Essential Travis Lane

The Essential Travis Lane presents a selection of poems by a Canadian poet who combines exquisite observations of the natural world with profound thoughts about time and mortality. Inspired by … 68 View

The Museum of Possibilities


The work begins with stories of people discovering the consequences of their actions – or inactions – that are full of psychological suspense, and verge on the supernatural. A second … 188 View

The Pig Headed Soul

Essays and Reviews on Poetry and Culture

The Pigheaded Soul presents a series of witty, intelligent, and sometimes controversial essays in which talented newcomers and avowed masters alike find themselves within the literary crosshairs … 276 View

The Razor’s Edge

A collection of linked short stories that hopscotches between time and space to explore the haunting hunger that reaches beyond the physical and into the spiritual—for love, for … 156 View

Took You So Long

Took You So Long presents emotionally resonant stories about challenging relationships and deeply flawed characters mired in the circumstances of their everyday lives. Often out of sight and … 188 View

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