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The Museum of Possibilities


The work begins with stories of people discovering the consequences of their actions – or inactions – that are full of psychological suspense, and verge on the supernatural. A second grouping, of flash-fiction, features the antics of the jealous, bitter, isolated and fearful who are trapped inside their own domestic purgatory. Last is a series of linked stories about the coming-of-age saga of air force brat Wanda – her first moments of sacrifice and jealousy, of sexual experimentation, of empathy and of desperation.


Barbara Sibbald

Barbara Sibbald is an author, editor and journalist. Her previously published works include The Book of Love and Regarding Wanda. A health journalist for over twenty years, she currently works as News and Humanities editor at the Canadian Medical Association Journal. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.
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The Museum of Possibilites — Lucid Dreaming — Places We Cannot Go — Burden of Anxiety — Things We Hold Dear.
63 $6.30
Bitter Butter — Best Before — Dispatches from Madawan — Drowned — Fresh Hell of Christmas — Funeral Hats.
19 $1.90
Comet, It Tastes Like Gasoline — Peeling the Artichoke — ‘Up in the Air, Junior Birdmen’ — Do You Think She Knows? — The Normal Blur of Myopia.
77 $7.70
Acknowledgements from the author
1 $0.10
Thanks from the author
1 $0.10
Author Biography
1 $0.10