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Stephen Rowe’s geo•logics—his highly anticipated follow-up to Never More There—binds the impermanent to the permanent. With both an inquiry into loss and an inquiry into reason, Rowe seeks a motivation capable of accepting pain, and reveals the shadows of our temporary lives backlit by a radiant sense of deep geologic time. These poems capture our comings and goings in formally graceful and chiselled verse. Here, the passing leaves its trace, and the imprint endures within the abiding strength of art.


Stephen Rowe

Stephen Rowe’s poetry has appeared in such publications as CV2, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Antigonish Review, Riddle Fence, and many others. His first book, Never More There (2009), was shortlisted for the Newfoundland

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Once You Leave – A Matter of Dimension – The Cult of Aeolus – Martyr – Habituation – They Will Take My Island – What’s Left Behind – My … 29 $2.90


Meditation in Winter – The Snow – Compaction – The Great Macedonian – The Death of Seneca – Mist – Birth Song for Epictetus – Sure-Rooted – In the … 28 $2.80