Hear and Foretell

Hear and Foretell is a compelling poetry collection with a spotlight on urban Aboriginal life in Canada. The poems illustrate deep spiritual transformations and understandings of the ever-present feeling of being haunted by a not so distant past. Revealing important issues of Aboriginal discrimination, poverty, and violence, the author undeniably illustrates the reality of the experiences many Aboriginal people encounter while living on and off-reserve. The book emphasizes cultural conflicts, articulates everyday rituals by using decisive narrative, and appeals to human compassion. The author exposes struggles many Aboriginal people encounter in getting an education, dealing with family issues and abuse, learning to respect themselves and demanding respect from others, finding their place in the world, and recovering their rich history and culture. This book illustrates the resilience and strength of the Aboriginal people and the determination that they bring to their local communities.


Joseph A. Dandurand

Joseph A. Dandurand is a member of the Kwantlen First Nation located near the Fraser River, east of Vancouver. He works as the Heritage and Lands Officer for the Kwantlen territory and has been performing his duties for over 15 years. He studied theatre and direction at Algonquin College and at the University of Ottawa. He was a Playwright-in-Residence for the Museum of Civilization in Hull in 1995 and for Native Earth in Toronto in 1996. His previously published books include Looking Into the Eyes of My Forgotten Dreams and Please Do Not Touch the Indians. His poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English. He has also authored a radio script which was produced by CBC Radio in 1999.

Chapter Title Contents Contributors Pages Year Price


I Belong – The Kwantlens – A Place Called Kwantlen – Simple Words – Friends Last Never – Murderous Fear – Afterthought Memories – Spring Laughing – … 19 $1.90


Slamming Poems to Paper – Knocking – I Stare at Myself – Burning Emptiness – Tormented Souls – At the River – Uprising – Blue and Black Skies – … 18 $1.80


Rez Fairytale – Start the Fire – New Play – Saturday Night – Cold Hands of Abuse – Wet Cigarette – Lovers – Like a Slug – Break the Silence – … 24 $2.40


I Wish I Was – Swollen Mind – I Stare – Washing Away – Good Luck Charm – Suicidal Thought – Hollow Ecstasy – Internal Graveyard – We Are – … 28 $2.80