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ISBN: 9780889843967-06



From: Portraits of Canadian Writers


James Reaney – Michael Redhill – John Reibetanz – Ray Robertson – Leon Rooke – Olive Senior – Karen Shenfield – Elizabeth Smart – Raymond Souster – Allan Stratton – Ania Szado – H. Masud Taj – Royston Tester – Halli Villegas – Bronwen Wallace – Robert Weaver – David Wevill – Adele Wiseman – Elana Wolff



Bruce Meyer

Bruce Meyer has spent most of his life in an on-going conversation with Canadian literature and Canadian letters. Known across Canada for his broadcasts on the CBC with Michael Enright on The Great Books, A Novel Idea, and Great Poetry: Poetry is Life and Vice Versa, Meyer is author of 49 books of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, literary journalism and pedagogy. He produced two books of interviews with Canadian authors alongside Brian O’Riordan: In Their Words (1985) and Lives and Works (1991).