waniskātot kā pē wāpahk

waniskātota kā pē wāpahk, a Cree translation of Rising with a Distant Dawn, is a powerful poetry collection which stretches across the boundaries to give a voice to the lives and experiences of ordinary Indigenous people. The poems embrace anguish, pride, and hope. They come from the woodlands and the plains, they speak of love, of war, and of the known and the mysterious, they strike with wisdom, joy, and sadness, bringing us closer than ever before to the heart of urban Indigenous life. The book captures timely personal and cultural challenges, and ultimately shares subtle insight and compassion.


David Groulx

David Groulx was raised in the Northern Ontario mining community of Elliot Lake. He is proud of his Native roots – his mother is Ojibwe Indian and his father French Canadian. David received his BA from the Lakehead University where he won the Munro Poetry Prize. He also studied creative writing at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, B.C. where he won the Simon J. Lucas Jr. Memorial Award for poetry. David has written nine poetry books including Night in the Exude (Tyro Publications), The Long Dance (Kegedonce Press), Under God’s Pale Bones (Kegedonce Press), A Difficult Beauty (Wolsak & Wynn), Rising With a Distant Dawn (BookLand Press) in English and Ojibwa, Imagine Mercy (BookLand Press), and The Windigo Chronicles (BookLand Press).

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iskwēw sipwēpiciw – nikīyopikan ēpētamān acimowina – nēhiyasisak pōtacikēwak – mēstastacikan pētam iskwēw onikamowin … 21 $2.10


kikiskisin ocikisiwin – nanamipayih – kisīwēwak – mācita kitwam – tapasīwan – otāwīya okwahaskān – nitakōtan … 21 $2.10


pēyak – sikak – kītwam misiwanācihiwewin – pīhtokwēwak mahīkanak – wēyawītimihk – omācīw – ninakatēn … 14 $1.40


nīhcinipawin – nimāyōskak Neil Stonechild – mēstācikan otipahikan – moniyaskwēsis nipaw – nimanitō nīmīhiton – … 16 $1.60