Part roving eye, part devotion, you wander hotel corridors, entering rooms not quite yours, trying on clothes, blankets, skins. Arguing with the body’s limits and its trickery, you are always in disguise. Sometimes you’re Leda; sometimes the swan. The rooms are haunted with gendered injuries of the past… but messengers arrive to guide you.

In this stunning debut collection by Ali Blythe, every poem is unerringly built with hatches and escapes. Every line shimmers with life and shivers with fleeting materials. Someone or something is always leaving. The early poems, almost claustrophobic in their double vision, gradually give way to poems of aching beauty, erotically charged by the myth of completeness. Ultimately, whether you emerge or disappear, you are transformed.


Ali Blythe

Ali Blythe completed a residency at the Banff Centre and a writing degree at the University of Victoria, receiving the Candis Graham Writing Scholarship from the Lambda Foundation for excellence in writing and support of the queer community. Poems from Twoism have been published in literary journals and anthologies in Canada and Germany.
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Hotel – Pareidolia – Button – Two – Five Letters – Playing Dead – Let’s Together Quietly – Transgene – Roden Crater – Four – Fox … 20 $2.00


Rush Hour – Loose Ends – Paraphilia – Shattered – Thirteen – Coming Down – Shiner – Golden Time – Theatre – Everything vs. Everything – … 17 $1.70


Everything Moving without Me Moving – The Real Rescue – A Small Dress – Any Way We Go Here – Goodnight – Elusive Structure – The Umbrella – Mise-en-scène 22 $2.20