Tracy Quann

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On and Off the Job — Noitiate



Tracy Quann

Tracy Quan is the author of three novels, including Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, narrated by a duplicitous Ottawa runaway. Tracy’s juvenile career began in lobby bars and hostess clubs, with Times Square and the Pierre hotel playing equally prominent roles. Inspired by an international gathering of sex workers held in Ann Snitow’s New York loft, Tracy joined PONY (Prostitutes of New York), chaired a few meetings, and was, for a brief time, its token conservative. Tracy’s essays have been published in the Globe and Mail, Marie Claire, the New York Times, the Washington Post Book World, the Financial Times, Der Tagesspiegel, the South China Morning Post, the Guardian, Bookanista, and the Daily Beast. Tracy’s poetry has appeared in Poets Reading the News and the Los Angeles Review of Books.