Part Two

From: The Flower Can Always Be Changing


2 – The Light is Always Changing – Empathy – The Sublime Minimalism of the Painter at her Acme is Difficult to Replicate in Words – Before Leaving on a Trip – Precedence – There’s a Trick with the Light I’m Learning to Do – Photographer’s Dream – A Piece of Cake; My Prize Begonia – An Imaginary System – Submitting to a Daily Practice – Keep Your Solitude



Shawna Lemay

Shawna Lemay is the author of the novel, Rumi and the Red Handbag, which has made Harper’s Bazaar’s #THELIST (must-reads for Fall 2015), the “Most Anticipated” list on the popular Canadian book website, 49th Shelf, and has been selected for Maria Shriver’s fall reading club. Nathalie Atkinson chose Rumi and the Red Handbag for Fall’s Must-Read Fashion Books in the Globe and Mail.