Mâmitonêhta kisêwâtisiwin

mâmitonêhta kisêwâtisiwin – the Cree translation of Imagine Mercy – is a vibrant poetry collection portraying the daily realities of living as an Indigenous person in Canada. David Groulx and Randy Morin seamlessly weave the spiritual with the ordinary and the present with the past. The author speaks for the spirit, determination, and courage of Indigenous people, compelling readers to confront cruel reality with his honest and inspiring vision. The poems in mâmitonêhta kisêwâtisiwin portray mixed bloods, resistance, determination, sovereignty, and cultural issues that generate sharply divided opinions and deep emotional struggles. Author’s poetic power renders an honest and painful perception of modern-day Indigenous life with strong voice against prejudice and injustice.


David Groulx

David Groulx was raised in the Northern Ontario mining community of Elliot Lake. He is proud of his Native roots – his mother is Ojibwe Indian and his father French Canadian. David received his BA from the Lakehead University where he won the Munro Poetry Prize. He also studied creative writing at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, B.C. where he won the Simon J. Lucas Jr. Memorial Award for poetry. David has written nine poetry books including Night in the Exude (Tyro Publications), The Long Dance (Kegedonce Press), Under God’s Pale Bones (Kegedonce Press), A Difficult Beauty (Wolsak & Wynn), Rising With a Distant Dawn (BookLand Press) in English and Ojibwa, Imagine Mercy (BookLand Press), and The Windigo Chronicles (BookLand Press).

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nôtinikêwin êkwa nôtinikêwin pêkiskwêwina – iyiniw ana, masinaham nakinikêwin wawêsi masinahikêwina – nakinikêwin wawêsi … 22 $2.20


wâskwatawêw namôya tâpwihcikâtêw – namôya wihtamâkêwina – maci kiskinwahamâtowikamikwa wâtihkêwin – pêyak asiniy … 22 $2.20


sohkan – kîkway môniyâwak ê kiskêmâcik iyiniwa – mâna kâ mâmitonêmâcik iyiniwak – nisto ayimihâwi atimwak – … 18 $1.80


askiy ka êsi pîkiskwâtamihk – nisakay kîkâc isinâkwan askiy – mistikwaskihk matwêhâw – pâmâcihosk – … 29 $2.90