Miscreations, the second collection by Grant Loveys, mulls over the metaphorical concept of miscreation — how people, objects, and relationships are imperfectly designed by their various creators — through the use of direct, visceral language, and frank, sometimes shocking, imagery.

Unconcerned with aesthetic imperfections, Miscreations focuses instead on how people and situations can be created from unstable, often opposing, elements and examines how these people and situations manage to survive. This is poetry that looks beyond a misprinted shirt and deep into the person wearing it … beyond empty memes and Instagram platitudes and into the complicated, flawed and searching human readers who navigate a world that is often at odds with itself.


Grant Loveys

Grant Loveys’s Our Gleaming Bones Unrobed was The Globe and Mail Readers’ Pick for the best poetry collection of 2012. He lives in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Chapter Title Contents Contributors Pages Year Price


1 – Little Plastic Heart – Entropy – Shave and a Haircut – Mongrel in a Car Park – Elsewhere – Genital Hegemony – Two Scenes from a Bus Strike – Is … 19 $1.90


2 – Parenthood – Louder – Midden – In This Song Sings the Light – Deposit and Withdrawal – Freeze and Pixellate – Minus Pills – San Juan, Docked … 20 $2.00


3 – Scapegoat – The Matador Reads Aloud – Old Black Earth – Calgary – Psalm for the Hanged Man – Crime Scene Photographer – More Grain Moving than the … 18 $1.80


4 – Another Piece of Your Heart – What the Doctor Learned of Love – A Little Death – Newfoundland Wind – North Dakota Wind – Ticket to Anywhere – Letters … 16 $1.60