Jaene F. Castrillon

From: Hustling Verse


A Celebration of Darkness



Jaene F. Castrillon

Jaene F. Castrillon is a 2Spirit interdisciplinary artist, activist, author, and award- winning filmmaker who explores her relationship to the world through Indigenous teachings, ceremony, and the wisdom of the land. S/He describes themself as a settler to Turtle Island of mixed heritages (Indigenous Colombian and Hong Kong Chinese) who was adopted as an adult by Elder Isaac Day of Serpent River First Nation and the teachings of Thunder Mountain. Having survived abuse, institutionalization, homelessness, and sex work, Jaene found herself in Isaac’s lodge, where she learned to love and heal. Since then, their journey has been about creating alternative notions around wellness, illness, and worthiness, honouring art as medicine. Jaene believes in sharing the brilliance and heartbreak of living a life less ordinary.