Publication Year

i: Coping Strategies


From: Your Therapist Says It's Magical Feelings


Part I includes the following poems: Let It Out 2

Take Supplements 3

Turn Your OCD Rituals into Spells 4

Do Your Fucking Breathing Exercises 6

Do The Sex 7

Take Your Meds 9

Act 10

Be the Change 11

Actually Talk During Your Scheduled Talk Therapy 12

Sleep It Off 13

Don’t Think about Death 14

Think about Death 16

Turn Your Pain into Art 17

Drink 18

Choose to Be Different than You Are 19

Take Comfort in Material Things 20

Revisit Your Childhood Trauma 22



Sadie McCarney

Charlottetown, PEI–based Sadie McCarney is the author of the poetry collection Live Ones and the found poetry performance text/mental health memoir Head War. Her work has appeared in Best Canadian Poetry, The Walrus, Literary Review of Canada, the Gay & Lesbian Review, and various literary journals.