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A Country Is How Men Hunt – NDN Brothers – The Terrible Beauty of the Reserve – A Lover’s Discourse – What to an NDN Is the Intrinsic Goodness of Mankind? – The Wall Clock Caught Fire from Neglect – I Become Less of Who I Am by the Second – Cree Girl Blows Up the Necropolis of Ottawa – At the Mercy of the Sky – A Romance of the Present – I Douche While Kesha’s “Praying” Plays from My iPhone on Repeat – Leonardo DiCaprio – Duplex (The Future’s a Fist) – Canadian Horror Story – Regarding Death, I Turn to the Photon – Canadian Sonnet – NDN Homo Sonnet



Billy-Ray Belcourt

BILLY-RAY BELCOURT is from the Driftpile Cree Nation and lives on the Internet. His debut book of poems, This Wound is a World, won the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize and the 2018 Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton