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From: Blood


This morning the photographer asked me to stop writing poetry as if you might read it., Every night it’s a different face, I know someday, And I don’t know how to feel, My buddy’s, I’ve gotten good, I don’t need to adapt, Every poem here, I don’t know where these words lead – I have so many now, Please, When lava escapes, To ice, Ginanaakomigoom Nimishoomisinaanag



Tyler Pennock

Tyler Pennock, author of Bones (2020), is a Two-Spirit Queerdo from Faust, Alberta, and is a member of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. They were adopted from a Cree and Métis family, and reunited with them in 2006. Tyler is a graduate of Guelph University’s Creative Writing MFA program (2013), as well as the University of Toronto (2009). They have lived in Toronto for the past 25 years.