Above Discovery


A couple coping with a recent loss are tasked with taking stock of a late biology enthusiast’s hoard. A support worker dedicated to rehabilitating young women suffering from, among other things, a certain unexpected effect of the climate apocalypse faces a truth that shatters the illusion separating her work and her personal life. An archaeologist formerly working in Syria struggles with her decision to flee from unrest, while the people she has left behind face an uncertain fate.

In Jennifer Falkner’s richly imagined first collection, past and present glancingly converge, making the familiar outlines of myth, history, and everyday life seem suddenly strange. With spare, elegant prose, Falkner introduces the reader to those whose narratives are written in the language of empty space. Above Discovery is a stunning debut collection from an author to watch.


Jennifer Falkner

Jennifer Falkner lives in Ottawa, on the traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg First Nation. She has degrees in ancient history, and currently works as a library technician. Her stories have won the HWA/Dorothy Dunnett Short Story competition, the Retreat West Short Story Contest, and the Little Bird Short Story Contest. She is the author of the novella Susanna Hall, Her Book, inspired by the life of Shakespeare’s daughter. Find out more at www.jenniferfalkner.ca.

Chapter Contributors Pages Year Price
Contains the short story: Nineteen Above Discovery
14 $1.40
Contains the short story: Nestor’s Dream
11 $1.10
Contains the short story: Columbina
8 $0.80
Contains the short story: The Anchoress
9 $0.90
Contains the short story: Lion in the Desert
7 $0.70
Contains the short story: A Complicated Kind of Falling
10 $1.00
Contains the short story: The Inventory
5 $0.50
Contains the short story: A Word To Describe the Sky
4 $0.40
Contains the short story: Climbing Mount Sinai
7 $0.70
Contains the short story: Experientia Does It
8 $0.80
Contains the short story: Sometimes a Tree
11 $1.10
Contains the short story: The StoneCutter’s Masterpiece
9 $0.90