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About a Boy

From: Breaking Boundaries


Story of a young boy in a girls body and how they transition as a teen.



Adam Nixon

Eighteen-year-old Adam Nixon is a recent Grade 12 graduate from Lake Cowichan, BC. His story About a Boy was previously published in the 2016 edition of In Our Own Voice, for which he won Third Prize: Grades 11-12. His poem Escape Plans was published in 2017 by Rebel Mountain Press in the anthology In Our Own Teen Voice-3. Adam’s two greatest loves are music and creative writing. He believes the written word is precious and the destruction of books is sacrilege. Adam thoroughly believes that the most important tool human beings possess is the ability to create, the ability to take something utterly painful and devastating and turn it into something beautiful. When he isn't writing, Adam can nearly always be found singing, playing his piano or guitar, reading, or attempting to make sense of the universe.