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From: Why I Was Late


Why Did the Trans Kid Cross the Road? – My Neighbour is Practicing Biological Warfare – I write about sex/ If I wrote about baking/ would I owe you a pie? – Our Love is Groundless – Palliative Care for Problematic People – Transilience – Speaking Bradbury – Cows Whisper Murder While Climbing Planks – How to Tell if a Poem is Trans or Not – I’m So Good at Drag



Charlie Petch

Charlie Petch (they/them, he/him) is a disabled/queer/transmasculine person who resides in Toronto/Tkaronto. Petch's full-length spoken word vaudeville play Mel Malarkey has toured all over Canada. They have several handsome chapbooks, and Late Night Knife Fights was published with LyricalMyrical Press. A musician, lighting designer, spoken word artist, award-winning playwright, and host, Petch was the 2017 Poet of Honour for Spoken Word Canada, winner of the Golden Beret lifetime achievement in spoken word with The League of Canadian Poets, and founder of Hot Damn It’s a Queer Slam.