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ISBN: 9781771665032-04


"Very affectionately to all three of you"

The Duchamp-Stettheimer Correspondence

From: Florine Stettheimer


This chapter uses Jacques Derrida’s notion of the archive as a threshold space between private and public, history and life, to conceptualize the salon as a site of the in-between, an archive in which live performance is translated into paintings, literature, interior design, and miniature modelling.



Zach McCann-Armitage

Zachary McCann-Armitage was born in Dawson City and grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon, where he returns to live intermittently. His essay on Florine Stettheimer originated while he was a masters student in the Literatures of Modernity program at Ryerson University, where he took a graduate course with Irene Gammel that focused on Stettheimer and her salon; as part of his course work, he prepared a major research project that culminated into this essay. He also served as an assistant editor for White Wall Review.