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1 – False Start – Anxious Balloons – Self-Censored Phone Chip – Us – Rap Life – Dear Father(s) – Baghdad: A Jewel the Thief Kept Trying to Steal—It Eventually Killed Him – Tourist – At the Club – Iraq – The Heist That Is – Field of Dreams/Nightmare Meadows – This Ain’t a Movie, Dawg! – Mr. Arab – Agrabah – The Setup – Free 2 – Twenty-Eighteen – (Charles and Eddie) – North American Blues – Overwhelmed – Nightline w/ Peter Jennings – Mission Impossible – Thoughts and Prayers – I Got 5G on It – Things We Took for Granted (0 A.C.) – I Know Nothing About You, Tell Me More, Dear Reader – On the Verge – I Am on the Verge – Reply: On the Verge



Yassin "Narcy" Alsalman

Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman is a polymath. He is renowned as a pioneer of the Arab voice in hip-hop culture and one of the formative voices from the Iraqi diaspora. He is a professor at Concordia University, an award-winning music video director, an actor, and a celebrated musician. Most importantly, he is a father of two.