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From: Avant Desire


Texts in this section include: Mauve (with Daphne Marlatt) – Polynésie des yeux/Polynesya of the Eyes – Polynesian Days by Charles Bernstein – If Yes Seismal/Si Sismal (Fred Wah) – L’Aviva/Aviva (Anne-Marie Wheeler) – Silk Font 1 (Bronwyn Haslam) – from A Book (Katia Grubisic) – Figure, from These Our Mothers (Barbara Godard) – Reconfiguration, from Sea Mother(Robert Majzels and Erín Moure) – Typhon Dru (Caroline Bergvall) – Typhoon Thrum (Robert Majzels and Erín Moure) – from Installations (Robert Majzels and Erín Moure)



Nicole Brossard

Nicole Brossard (b. Montréal, 1943) began publishing in 1965. She has published more than forty books since and twice won the Governor General’s Literary Award. A consummate advocate for literature and feminist discourse, she cofounded and co-directed the avant-garde literary magazine La Barre du jour (1965–1975), co-directed the film Some American Feminists (1976) and co-edited the acclaimed Anthologie de la poésie des femmes au Québec (1991, 2003). Her work has influenced a whole generation poets and feminists and has been translated widely into English as well as Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Slovenian, Romanian, Catalan, and Portuguese.