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The Pains We Lie About: Mental Illness in Rural NL


From: Land of Many Shores


The Pains We Lie About explores themes of mental illness, addiction, psychology, and rural studies.



T.J. Smith

T. J. Smith(he/him) is a 34-year-old man who was born and raised in St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador, at the very top of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula. He spent thirteen years in Nova Scotia playing hockey and graduating from St. Mary’s University. In 2018 he returned home to be closer to family and friends, his core support system. He still takes antidepressants each night and lives with depression and anxiety. He has accepted this is a part of him, but it will not define him. He has one son, Nash, who is eight years old and lives with his mother in Nova Scotia. They remain tight as father and son.