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The Muse Speaks Out


From: The Muse Sings


the muse, her powers – why not – on the other and – of all the luck – the romantic poet delivers – night an ink – LP – an itch an ache – muse of a promising – he wldnt breathe – her greatest disappointments – librarians – the muse seeks the secrets of the universe – on to logical concerns – the muse calls – she tries to rally him – she still woos her muse – rodentia – rescue mission – beat it, she said – under the street – he foresees his end – it tears me apart – he falls to pieces – terminal case – translations



Dennis Cooley

DENNIS COOLEY has lived most of his life on the Canadian prairies, where for over 40 years he has been active as teacher, editor, poet, critic, anthologist, publisher, mentor, and supporter of writing. His work has been immersed in family, the prairies, and a play with form. His most recent titles include three books of poetry—The Bestiary, cold press moon, and The Muse Sings.