The Fool


In tarot, the Fool represents continual beginnings, not being able to see or think past the excitement and potential of a new start. The Fool is also associated with zero — a literal loop.

Like Anne Carson writing poetry in the style of the poet alchemist Arthur Rimbaud, Jessie Jones renders her reflections with acerbic brilliance. In her debut collection, she examines the sensual, cruel, pleasing, and depraved state of being human in the twenty-first century. All pro, she’s ready to stage a coup d’état.

Reflective with a kind of circular logic edging toward a darker surrealism, these poems are at times comically satirical, but always grounded in fresh ethos. A pleasure of language and circumstance, where passengers on a boat peer through "a thick, absorbent mist" and the poet moves "through/the city like a bundle of kindling./ All day I wait for a bit of friction/ to transform me," The Fool sets its sights on a world riddled with panaceas designed to course-correct our lives.


Jesse Jones

Jessie Jones grew up on the Prairies, spent a decade on Vancouver Island, and now calls Montreal home. Her work has been shortlisted for the Malahat Review’s Open Season Poetry Award, Arc’s Poem of the Year contest, and PRISM International’s Poetry Contest. With The Fool, she makes her mark — indelibly.
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1 – Itinerants 3 $0.30


2 – A corpse flower – Better manifesto – Transformative positivity – Midnight sun – House advantage – Occupational drowning – This is no dream – … 20 $2.00


3 – The fool – Runner – ID400 – Saint teen – Year of the rabbit – Ex nihilo – Its motion keeps – Perfect continuous future – Guided … 24 $2.40


4 – For my moods – Resolution – Bloom – My old face – Heaven of indifference – The tyrant is us – Red okays adorn her – Self-improvement – … 20 $2.00


5 – Infinity mirror 12 $1.20