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The Flower Can Always Be Changing


From the bestselling author of Rumi and the Red Handbag comes a new collection of brief essays about the intersection of poetry, painting, photography and beauty. Inspired by the words of Virginia Woolf, Lemay welcomes you into her home, her art and her life as a poet and photographer of the every day. Lemay shares visits to the museum with her daughter, the beauty in an average workday at the library, and encourages writers and readers to make an appointment with flowers, with life.


Shawna Lemay

Shawna Lemay is the author of the novel, Rumi and the Red Handbag, which has made Harper’s Bazaar’s #THELIST (must-reads for Fall 2015), the “Most Anticipated” list on the popular Canadian book website, 49th Shelf, and has been selected for Maria Shriver’s fall reading club. Nathalie Atkinson chose Rumi and the Red Handbag for Fall’s Must-Read Fashion Books in the Globe and Mail.
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1 – The Flower Can Always Be Changing – Poets Looking At Art – Looking for a Quiet Poem – Dinner at Irving Penn’s House – Transcendence – Self-Portrait … 21 $2.10


2 – The Light is Always Changing – Empathy – The Sublime Minimalism of the Painter at her Acme is Difficult to Replicate in Words – Before Leaving on a Trip – … 21 $2.10


3 – My Griefs – Civilized – A Flower Held Up to the Light – They Accepted the Dinner Invitation – How Do You Come Up With Your Ideas? – Cloudier – A Few … 21 $2.10


4 – The Sugar Bowl Changes Every Day – The Case Against Artist and Writer Marrying – It is a Delicious Thing to Write – The Answer I Never Give – Poet’s … 22 $2.20


5 – Untitled – In Space – I Answered the Question Badly – The Stars – Living as a Civilian – A Flower or Something – A Certain Faith – The Poets … 21 $2.10


6 – Reference Questions – What is the best translation of Beowulf? – Wildlife Sightings, Suburbs, Seemingly without Symbolism – Suburban Forest – Writing is Easy … 19 $1.90