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Rain, Drizzle, and Mental Fog: Growing Up Autistic in a Small Newfoundland Town


From: Land of Many Shores


Rain, Drizzle, and Mental Fog explore themes of disability and autism.



Tori Oliver

Tori Oliver(she/her) is a 23-year-old autistic woman originally from the town of Gull Island, Newfoundland, but currently residing in St. John’s. She is a member of Memorial University’s Class of 2020, having pursued a psychology major. Life on the spectrum in early childhood made it hard to identify her struggles and express herself. She thus became motivated to use writing as an emotional outlet and has published several com-positions since 2014. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, completing diamond paintings, and walking with her dog, Rosie. Her con-tribution to this anthology serves to advocate for others like herself, striv-ing for a world where autism and its differences are further understood and accommodated.