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Popcorn for the Blind


From: Land of Many Shores


Popcorn for the Blind focuses on the experiences of the blind, the history of blindness in Newfoundland and Labrador, and living with disabilities.



Anne Malone

Anne Malone(she/her) is a visually impaired Guide Dog handler who envisions and advocates freedom from disability for people who live with sight loss. In her writing and speaking, she invites the sighted world to view blindness not as a debilitating condition, but rather as simply a different interface with the environment. An ardent supporter of the arts, she worked for many years in administrative roles at Eastern Edge Gallery and St. Michael’s Printshop. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of Power Productions, a St. John’s-based theatre company with a mandate of establishing diversity and accessibility in the performing arts. She and her Guide Dog, Cheryl, live in St. John’s, where they work together to hack the complex and challenging urban environment in thier beloved home city.