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On the Way to Hopedale


From: Land of Many Shores


On the Way to Hopedale explores nature and understanding of ones home.



Alex Saunders

Alex Saunders(he/him) will soon be eighty, is a single grandparent, and is of mixed Inuit, Innu, and Irish/English ancestry. His mother survived the Spanish Influenza of 1918. An ex-Navy serviceman, he has travelled both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and continued his connection to the sea as an international fisherman, travelling the waters of Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, and the North Sea, before going on to man-age a fish company. He has won three writers’ awards: the 2016 Emerging Northern Writers’ and Artists’ Award, the 2017 Lawrence Jackson Writers’ Award, and the 2019 Percy Janes First Novel Award. He has served as guest editor for Them Days(Happy Valley–Goose Bay, Labrador) and has completed three novels, one of which, Aullak: A Labrador Experience, is used in schools from Goose Bay to Nain.