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Les Franco-Terre-Neuviens: Ces mémoires, aussi, sont les miennes


From: Land of Many Shores


Les Franco-Terre-Neuviens explores French and Francophone identities in Newfoundland and Labrador.



Marcella Cormier

Born in 1981, Marcella Cormier, MÉd, (she/her) is a proud Franco-Newfoundlander who grew up in DeGrau on the Port-au-Port Peninsula during the golden years of French Newfoundland and Labrador’s lingustic, political, and cultural revival. For nearly twenty years, she has been a teacher and administrator with the province’s only French First-Language school district. After obtaining her French First-Language High School diploma at home, her conviction that her people’s language and culture could survive through education led her to leave the province to continue her post-secondary studies in her first language. She later returned to her place of origin to contribute educationally and culturally to her community’s development. She credits her family with instilling the love of her language in her and with helping shape her strong sense of identity. She currently resides in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, and occasionally freelances in writing fiction and non-fiction, editing, and revising.