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In Three Parts


From: Land of Many Shores


In Three Parts explores topics relating to Indigenous identity, language, culture and history in Newfoundland and Labrador. Including Mi’kmaq, Inuit, and Innu.



Ivan J. White

Hailing from the Mi’kmaq Community of Flat Bay, Ivan J. White(he/him) is an emissary for his culture, heritage, and people. Artistically, he has worked as writer, musician, and filmmaker in both amateur and pro-fessional capacities. Formally educated in the field of marketing and practised in the areas of media and communications, he has been exploring the intersections of business, arts, and Mi’kmaw identity since his teenage years. These themes come out of a desire to better understand his place in his community and his role as a Mi’kmaw. A storyteller at heart and advo-cate for his people by upbringing, he remains close to his home community of Flat Bay and is likely heard before he is seen on the issues that involve his people. He currently lives in St. George’s with his wife, Crystal, and their two lovely children, Isabella and Ivan Jr.