From: Dunk Tank


Buoyant Craft – My Teeth Are Tombstones with Your Name Engraved on Them – Venti Three-Pump-Classic Nonfat Easy-Water Extra-Hot Americano Misto* – This Is Garbage! – Eel – If I Had to Feel the Same Again I Would – And Don’t Ever Fucking Stop – Finnish Schooling – Good without the Guacamole – How Long Will Stats Canada Keep Calling – Goodbye Kyla



Kayla Czaga

Kayla Czaga is the author of one previous collection of poems, For Your Safety Please Hold On (Nightwood Editions, 2014), and the chapbook Enemy of the People (Anstruther Press, 2015). Her work has been awarded the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award and the Canadian Authors Association’s Emerging Writer Award and has been nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Award, the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, and the Debut-litzer. She lives in Victoria, B.C.