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“I am mother, wife, Muslim . . .” Creativity, Feminism, Motherhood, and Academia

Part Three: Space


From: Good Mom on Paper


Part Three: Space



Amber Riaz

Amber Riaz is a professional academic editor, and has edited manuscripts, journal articles, and conference papers, working with academic presses as well as individual authors. Since earning her doctorate in English literature, she has been a sessional instructor in London, Ontario, and in Vancouver, British Columbia. Most recently, she was the Campus Education Manager at Sprott Shaw College’s Surrey campus before being laid off due to COVID-19 in September 2020. She has taught academic writing, literature, and general education courses, in addition to offering administrative and pedagogical support to students and faculty at Sprott Shaw. Riaz has worked on the representation of mothers in film, stereotypes of Muslims in various film industries, the Partition of India, and the representation of the “burqa” in Pakistani novels. She loves working with writers, publishers, and academics, helping them find the perfect words for their manuscripts.