Fire Cider Rain


Poetry that navigates the science of cold waterways to consider the warmth of the poet’s Chinese-Mauritian family ties

Fire Cider Rain is about the limits to which shared cultural and geographic histories can hold a family together. It follows the lives of three Chinese-Mauritian women on the course of dispersing, settling, and rooting over northern landscapes, and the brittle family bonds that tie them to one another and to their home country. Told from the perspective of the youngest of the three women, Fire Cider Rain follows the events leading up to and following the death of her grandmother, an ex-lighthouse keeper and matriarch whose fractured relationship with her own daughter haunts the narrator’s life in soft, painful aftershocks. As she navigates the cold cities and waterways of Southern Ontario, our narrator struggles with conflicting desires to run toward and flee from her island identity, which grows ever distant, ever more difficult to find her way back to.

At its core, Fire Cider Rain is a book about parent-child relationships as vessels for cultural identity, and the ways in which expressions of love and non-love within those relationships can rupture sense of place, self, and at times, a collective diaspora. Throughout the book, Ng Cheng Hin explores the geopolitics of island nations, the dilution of family histories over time, and the experience of water as a medium for the cyclical movement of island bodies, stories, and cultures. The Mauritian landscape and waterways of southern Ontario recur through the book as convergence points for its many themes.


Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin

Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and lives in the Gatineau Valley in Quebec. She is a graduate student at the University of Ottawa studying for a specialization in Environmental Toxicology. Her poetry has been published in Gutter, The Malahat Review, Grain, Arc Poetry Magazine, and elsewhere, and she currently serves as Associate Poetry Editor with Plenitude Magazine. Fire Cider Rain is her debut collection.
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Coefficients of Friction, Seamelt I, Floodlines, Trickle Down, The Laws of Thermodynamics I, Human Dissection Lab, When Wàipó Died, Selia, Oil Spill I, and Seamelt II. 22 $2.20


The Laws of Thermodynamics II, The Turtle Behind the Cigarette Shop, Interred, Antipode, Dictionaries in the Sand, Dry Season, The Laws of Thermodynamics III, Hologram, Lessons in Southern Tides, … 35 $3.50


The Lighthouse Keeper of Pointe Aux Sables, Oil Spill II, Recurring Seam, Six Thunderstorms in Chinatown, Circadian Rain, Recipe for a Southern Cyclone, Trimesters, Wet Season, Cicadas, When She … 21 $2.10


Māmā, Where Does Your Light Leak? 12 $1.20