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Dream of Me


From: Dream of Me as Water


Good Morning, Stress – While Watching Life in Color with David Attenborough – Questioning My Fears – Dream of Me – Seas of Origin – Conducting Myself – Demons – I Want To Believe in Healing Crystals – Devonian – “How I Feel is Okay” – Scorpio, The Water Sign – Ocean Boy – Hypothesis of Cetacean Evolution – Cuttlefish – Two Truths and a Lie – Still



David Ly

David Ly is the author of Mythical Man, which was shortlisted for the 2021 ReLit Poetry Award. He is also co-editor (with Daniel Zomparelli) of Queer Little Nightmares: An Anthology of Monstrous Fiction and Poetry (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2022). David’s poems have appeared in publications such as Arc Poetry Magazine, Best Canadian Poetry, PRISM International, and The Puritan, where he won the inaugural Austin Clarke Prize in Literary Excellence. Dream of Me as Water is his sophomore poetry collection.