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From: The Muse Sings


they come down with a bad case of poetry – they make beautiful music – he (almost) escapes with the muse – first edition – poetry: the ins and outs of – dearly departed – his musings – chiasmus – the poet loves her machines – "would you believe" – the prairie muse explains her role – Dear Dubé – my great wish she said – the holy font – the 12th letter – wherein they dispute – earrotics – badly muddled – X – Pompeii – Nefertiti – if this is isis – embodied – world of reference



Dennis Cooley

DENNIS COOLEY has lived most of his life on the Canadian prairies, where for over 40 years he has been active as teacher, editor, poet, critic, anthologist, publisher, mentor, and supporter of writing. His work has been immersed in family, the prairies, and a play with form. His most recent titles include three books of poetry—The Bestiary, cold press moon, and The Muse Sings.