Blowing Grass Empire

A storyteller above all else, Mark Lavorato’s poems are penned in a clear, poignant, and relatable voice. His mostly narrative vignettes choose to hide things in plain sight, and are buoyed by an undercurrent of quiet power. The collection deals with themes that span the breadth of the contemporary world, taking the reader from the cringe-worthy “firsts” of a sun-dappled childhood, to places far outside our planet’s orbit. The only constant in Blowing Grass Empire is its consistent emotional resonance.


Mark Lavorato

Mark Lavorato is the author of three novels, Veracity (2007), Believing Cedric (2011), and Serafim & Claire (2014), which was also translated into French by Marchand de Feuilles. His first collection of poetry, Wayworn Wooden Floors (2012), was a finalist for the Raymond Souster Award. He lives with his wife in Montreal.

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Blowing Grass Empire (i) – This Is a Poem – Clothesline – Loralee – Washing Dishes – After the Stroke – Hell – Small-town Prostitutes – Orbital … 23 $2.30


The Anthem of Our Failure – Tuesday, 3:00 a.m. – First Memory – First Adventure – First Bike – First Album – First Love – First Apartment – Tragedy … 17 $1.70


Small Gods – Barbwire – Reconnaissance – Shift – Canadian Pacific Railyard – Train Station – On a Ferry in Costa Rica – Sleeping Well – Obsidian … 17 $1.70