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Black Motherhood and Womanhood: Resistance and Resilience


From: Land of Many Shores


Black Motherhood and Womanhood explores topics including motherhood, anti-black racism, anti-racism, immigration, and the black experience in Newfoundland.



Delores V. Mullings

Delores V. Mullings, PhD, (she/her) is an Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Memorial University in the School of Social Work. She is a member of a large extended family, caregiver for her mother, and the mother of two living children. She has a demonstrated history and extensive expertise in Equity Diversity Inclusion leadership in community-based organizations and academic institutions, including education and evaluation. She is a human rights and anti-rac-ist consultant and trainer, as well as a public speaker. Her scholarly interests fall under the umbrella of anti-Black racism and critical race theory and explore decolonizing postsecondary education, mothering, parenting, mental health and wellness, 2slgbtq+ concerns, elders, immigrants, settlement and integration, and human rights policy. Her research informs her teaching and learning pedagogy in her partnerships with community-based organizations and interdisciplinary scholars, both nationally and internationally.