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Are The Rivers in Your Poems Real

Amidst the dangers of figurative language, the coercion of sentimentality, and the insidious freight of abstraction, these poems embody the necessity for the critical, the communal, the real. Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real uses conceptual critiques of public discourse and experimental social cartographies, as well as lyrics of intimacy, to defy prescribed ways of being. This is an act of resistance against dangerous and domineering narratives, and the power they inscribe.


Moez Surani

Moez Surani’s writing has been published internationally, including in Harper’s Magazine, the Awl, Best American Experimental Writing 2016, Best Canadian Poetry (2013 and 2014), and the Globe and Mail. He has received a Chalmers Arts Fellowship, which supported research in India and East Africa, and has been an Artist-in-Residence in Burma, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Taiwan, Switzerland, as well as the Banff Centre for the Arts. He is the author of three poetry books: Reticent Bodies (2009), Floating Life (2012), and Operations (2016), which is comprised of the names of military operations and reveals a globe-spanning inventory of the contemporary rhetoric of violence. Surani lives in Toronto.

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Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real? – Meretockracy – Lullaby For a Waning Empire – Visions of Nine Pietas – Neva – Bougainvillea – Kampala – The Back Burner 29 $2.90


Biography – The best Decision of My Life So Far – New York/Week – Every Day I was in Love (Even Though I Didn’t Say So) – Commandments (The Sure Route to Success in … 25 $2.50


Near/Far – Rosa, Passing through Leon and Talking Obsessively About the Afterlife – And When My Life has Ended – It is Saturday and I have so much to Do – Meanwhile the … 16 $1.60


Happiness – Clinton Street Poem – Our Troubles Were Lemonade – The Day we Lay Like John and Yoko – The River in this Poem is Real – Day 17 $1.70