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Solidarity and Accountability in Literary Communities

From: Refuse


The university as an institution is central to writers and activists Kristen Darch and Fazeela Jiwa’s conversation, as they think through the UBCAccountable controversy as an event that can be placed alongside other events — including the Writing Thru Race conference — that fundamentally shift our conversations about what literature and culture

are, or are for.


Kirsten Darch

KRISTEN DARCH is a writer of creative non-fiction, editor, and visual artist most recently working in heritage architectural restoration. She holds a BFA in Visual Art and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Fazeela Jiwa

FAZEELA JIWA is an acquisitions and development editor with Fernwood Publishing by day (okay, sometimes by night, too) and a writer of poetry, essays, and creative non-fiction. Reach her at fazeelajiwa.com or @ fazeelajiwa.