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From: If I Didn’t Love the River


Includes the poems: Preparations for the Catastrophe, What the Albatross Has Round Its Neck, Ravine, On the Way to the Walbran Forest, Beasts of Burden, Chimp with Organ, Still Life with Girl Diving, The Great Canadian Oath of Silence, Your Brand New Bag, Everyone Knows Where They Were When They First Heard about the Death of the World, What Is Missing, Monstrosity, Peacenik, Hunger Knows No Lockdown, Final Comedy Routine, Loving My Enemy, Infection Prevention for Murderers, Help, Idea for Genetic Engineering, and Deglobalized Violin.



Robert Priest

Robert Priest’s words have been debated in the legislature, posted on buses, quoted in the Farmers’ Almanac, and turned into a hit song. His book Reading the Bible Backwards peaked at number two on the Canadian poetry charts, outsold only by Leonard Cohen. He lives in Toronto, ON.