Originally produced for the stage by Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland and For the Love of Learning, transVersing features some of Newfoundland’s most vibrant and necessary trans-youth voices. Gathering the work of Violet Drake, Daze Jefferies, Fionn Shea, Perin Squires, Taylor Stocks, and Dane Woodland, and including the dramatic text by Berni Stapleton and Sharon King-Campbell, transVersingis where Shakespeare meets slam poetry and the fiddle meets soapbox rant. These are the creative and courageous voices charting our course to understanding and social justice for all.


For the Love of Learning

FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING is an arts-based charitable organization serving youth between the ages of 15-30, who are working to successfully overcome social and/or economic obstacles. Now in its seventh year, the organization has established a track record of success through a non-traditional program called Watering the Seeds. The program enhances creativity and communication skills and works across a variety of media. This approach encourages youth who have lost faith in traditional or conventional approaches. FTLOL works at street level to engage youth and incorporate their needs.

Chapter Contributors Pages Year Price
Foreword by Gemma Hickey
2 $0.20
Bookworm – Gendersynthesis – Ghost Girl – Made to Love
17 $1.70
Blowmedowns – Came Through – Otherlovers
17 $1.70
Iteration #2 – Poem – Iteration #1 – Iteration #3
8 $0.80
Army Cadets
2 $0.20
Definitions – Trans Life on the Rock – Woke – Invite Me – The Promise Call – Rainbows – Five Days of Creation
12 $1.20
Adages I – Adages II – Adages III – Fascination
11 $1.10
transVersing: the play
; 35 $3.50