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From: Blood


Your fingers slide, I believe trees, I don’t care, Brick walls, No one should, After sex, I used to hit leaves in the yard, Intimacy now, I can’t help but think that the couch, I would tell you more about my dad, Dried blood, There’s a richness, Today the YMCA/YSAP, I fear the, unseen moments, I want to ask johns, I find it strange, And yet here we are, When you place your entire understanding in writing



Tyler Pennock

Tyler Pennock, author of Bones (2020), is a Two-Spirit Queerdo from Faust, Alberta, and is a member of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. They were adopted from a Cree and Métis family, and reunited with them in 2006. Tyler is a graduate of Guelph University’s Creative Writing MFA program (2013), as well as the University of Toronto (2009). They have lived in Toronto for the past 25 years.